succumbed to the hashtag


So that’s it, I gave in to the hashtag and created my account with Instagram!

I thought I had enough on my hands when I started blogging, one more thing to handle in addition to my Facebook account.  At the time I had started a weekly project that would last through the whole year where I would exercise my grey cells and create something every week.  Once done I would share the creations on FB. Projects such as “A craft a week 2014” and “An accessory a week 2015” (the latter was shelved in March 2015 due to my diagnosis of bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome) all seemed rather exciting and doable in the beginning but when faced with uncompleted design while the week was running out or my creativity was playing hide and seek with me at times, I started to question if I were in the sound mind when deciding to embark on such projects.  And yet, I started another ambitious project this year called “366 moments of 2016”, i.e. a moment a day captured in picture, and 366 pictures all together — well, I just never learn, do I?!

So, why Instagram now?  Initially I thought there was absolutely no reason for me to be on Instagram but after a few new friends who are active in social media and in fact, have made a living out of that encouraged me to share my passion on upcycling.  I pondered upon it for some time and in the end, I decided to go for it.

You can find my journey on upcycling here on Instagram.  Thank you in advance for stopping by.

your thoughts?

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