physical inferiority, really?


Not long ago I shared my thoughts on embracing and treasuring my independence of being single and free (you can read my blog “bitter or better” here).  In this particular blog I also boasted my knowledge of a few basic survival skills and knowing how to change a flat tyre is one of them.  However, when I was faced with this exact problem this morning, I was very sad to realise that I was not able to put my skill to the test!

After I spotted my punctured tyre, I calmly put my bags in the car and proceeded to take the tools out to address the problem.  In my heels and shift dress, I started with the wheel brace and tried to loosen the nuts of the wheel a little before I put the jack in.  I did not expect the nuts to be screwed on so tightly that I could not loosen them one bit even when I put my weight on the brace. With frustration I moved on to try and get the spare tyre out.  Guess what, the spare was so freaking heavy that I could not lift it to get it out from my boot!   So in the end I had no alternative but to call for help!

I was really disappointed that due to my lack of physical strength, I had to rely on someone else and in this case, my dear dad who is getting too old for this to help me do one of the things which, in my opinion was something fairly manageable even for a woman.  When all was fixed including the punctured tyre, I could not help but ponder — are we truly the “weaker sex”?

I thought about it and in the end my conclusion is, eventhough we will struggle because we do not have the muscle (for some of us, that is!), it should not stop us girls from learning how to change a punctured tyre and getting our hands and knees dirty simply because we have to be prepared for the worst.  The ugly truth is it can happen to anyone in the unlikeliest places and where one is unable to call for help!

What I am going to do is, I will get my car boot tidied up and with a reference or two from the internet, check if I have all the necessary items there including a spare change of comfortable outfit and a pair of slippers!  I am sure if I were not in my tight shift dress and heels, I would have tackled the punctured tyre differently and better this morning, with muscle or not!

2 thoughts on “physical inferiority, really?

  1. What a day😅

    I would have just called for help if similar thing happened to me. That’s nothing to do with whether you are single or married.

    It’s a lesson learned for sure and thanks for sharing that. I’ll take your tips and put the necessary items in my car boot too.


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