junks to treasures

It has been a while since my last few upcycled projects.  I still wear my metal splints on both hands to bed especially these last few months to help ease my never-seems-to-go-away bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome so that has deterred me from getting too enthusiastic about my junk-upcycling.

During the good days over the past year I did work on a few upcycled accessories and here they are…

heavy metal


just some good quality washers that I spray-painted gold = a simple chunky necklace!

luscious red


I had this old store-bought necklace with nice big beads but I thought it lacked a focal point so I re-arranged it and added a curtain ring to jazz it up!

beyond a cup of coffee


my first attempt on nespresso capsules… not very good workmanship but thought it was a good effort nonetheless.

rose and leaves


ahhhhhh… my favourite materials — plastic water bottle cut-out for the abstract rose and the leaves are plastic bottle cap rings!

pearls and rings


more plastic bottle cap rings!

your thoughts?

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