never say never!


I invited a few good friends over for a small intimate dinner last Sunday.  After the first three guests who arrived early had settled in comfortably and with my crudités and cheesy dip served, one of them commented that my little nest was indeed nice and cozy but there seemed to lack just one thing.  Even with him being so cryptic, the friend who was sitting next to me and I knew exactly what he was saying, that “one thing” meant my life partner!

We laughed and I said, “Look, at my age I’m just too comfortable being on my own to want to think about having someone in my life.  Too much hassle!  Now I’m free to go anywhere anytime I want and all I need to do is to just pack my bags and go……”  I babbled on and they all seemed to concur.  Then the friend next to me, who happens to be our pastor said, “Hey, never say never!  You know I’m looking forward to conducting your wedding ceremony some day!”

Indeed, never say never!  I might be far too set in my own ways at the moment, and I find it daunting to even entertain the thought that I would one day have to make compromises and give up my single status and a certain degree of freedom but hey, we never know what God has up His sleeve.  If God one day so plonks someone in front of me and says this is the guy who is perfect in His eyes for me, who am I to say otherwise?  I do not think I will be able to run away from it!

I am keeping a very open mind and will never say never (hope this serves as a comforting assurance to all my caring friends)!  But as for now, please just let me be.  I am enjoying the present season I am in!

Now, come back to one of my favourite topics, my holidays — my trips in late April and early June are all sorted, I just need to look into the one in October…..

your thoughts?

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