confession of a hotelier


picture taken from movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

Being a hotelier, throughout our professional life we get to see all sorts of people and encounter many rather… erh, let say interesting incidents at the hotel.

We have been wondering when or if there will ever be a page in TripAdvisor, a travel website that provides all travel-related info for us, the hoteliers.  You see travellers and holiday-makers putting up comments, both positive and negative, on places they have been and hotels they have stayed with but what about us?  We the hoteliers also have things to say and experiences to share about what happens to us or around us, and the guests whom we have the fortune, or misfortune to meet.

In the end, instead of waiting for the page for hotelier to appear in TripAdvisor, which might never happen and upon the encouragement of my colleagues, I have created a new category in my blog entitled Confession of a Hotelier!

Stay-tuned, my first blog from the other side of the hotel reception counter is coming very soon!

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