About me


The Things That I Love…

What I love in little kids —
I love to listen to children’s laughter because it is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world
I love the feeling of a child’s little hands run through my hair and her wet kisses on my face because the touches are sincere and with no pretences
I love to look at children’s drawings because it is amazing to see how imaginative and creative the little minds are
I love to watch a child when she starts learning to walk because falling does not stop her from getting up and trying again, and again…

What I love in relationships —
I love the quality time spent with my loved ones because families need to do that no matter what
I love the glance or a touch from the one I love because it says thousand words in silence
I love to see old couples holding hands because it tells a love story that has stood the test of time
I love to receive a card or a letter from a friend through the letter box because I can feel the warmth of a personal touch in a cold electronic world
I love the alone time because I need to be in touch with myself
I love the heart-to-heart chit-chat with God because it is the most heart-lightening and soul-lifting conversation between 2 persons who love each other deeply

What I love in nature —
I love the smell of the earth after the rain because everything comes alive
I love the glorious sunrise and sunset because they are simply God’s magnificent creations
I love the explosion of colours in a wild flower garden because there is beauty in an unkempt world
I love the century-old trees because they tell the tales of struggles and survival
I love the new buds and shoots because they are the beginning and continuation of life
I love to see mama bear hugging and kissing baby bear because love is not exclusive to human
I love the sound of the ocean in a seashell because nature never ceases to amaze me

What I love in creativity —
I love to listen to a piece of heart-stirring piano forté or an earth-moving symphony because it is the best sound created
I love to see a scrap of hand-embroidered or beaded linen, or a piece of either intricately or simply yet uniquely designed jewellery because they show me the wonders of what a human mind can perceive and create
I love to read poems because they are feelings and emotions expressed through words that move people and cause them to think and reflect
I love to read a good book because it is endless inspiration and imagination transferred into ink

What I love in food and drinks —
I love the aromas of newly ground coffee and freshly baked bread because they awake the senses
I love a superb meal with good friends because one needs good food, good wine and stimulating conversations
I love the food prepared by my mum because every single ingredient is prepared lovingly and with me in mind

What I love in the unseen —
I love silence because noises distract me from finding beauty in the most unexpected circumstances and unlikely things
I love the touch of the Holy Spirit because along with him God’s peace falls upon me
I love stillness because only then can I be sensitive to God’s presence

And the list goes on and on, and it’s never ending…

11 March 2008
By Evon Foo