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The original reason for my blog was to share my passion in upcycling and to showcase how we could do our part to help make our planet a greener one, by reducing waste and giving junks a new meaning and purpose in life. However, over time I was encouraged to write and slowly, I started to express more about my faith journey, random thoughts and my travel which led to the birth of an amateur writer.

As I journeyed through different seasons of life, I started to think what I would really like to blog about. After some consideration, I decided “decluttering” was in order so I have tidied up my blogs and removed all of the blogs on upcycling and “very random” thoughts.

I am still very much an upcycler at heart but I share my creations on a different platform. If you are interested to see some of my upcycling and creative projects, share my love in flowers, or curious about the journey of a tiny elephant, you are welcome to follow me on Instagram…

upcycling and more: #colourfulthreads_of_life
what would life be without flowers: #colourfulthreads_of_life2
elephantgraphy: #evon_elephantgraphy

Evon Foo
28 April 2021


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