changing lane

“Stepping… no, jumping out of comfort zone!”

The questions frequently posed to me throughout last year were all related to my employment status. My answer to the string of “Are you working?”, “When are you going to work?” and “Have you started working yet?” etc. was “next year”….

liminal space

my liminal space

I was introduced to the term “liminal space” recently.

“Liminal” is derived from the Latin word “limen”, which means “threshold”. Liminal space is a place of transition, it can be in architecture and from one physical location to the other, such as long empty corridors, staircases, carparks or uninhabited areas in a building etc., and it can also be a state of being.

sabahan living in kl, sun rises late in kl, kl cityscape

a year of embracing differences

Early last year I took up a new challenge. I accepted a job offer in Kuala Lumpur (KL) and moved a thousand miles away to welcome the new season of my life. I celebrated my first anniversary of living away from home at the end of February this year. After 365 days, I have surely…

friends, variety of friends, variety is the spice of life, friendship

variety (of friends) is the spice of life

My friend May reminded me of the second part of the famous Chinese idiom “在家靠父母,出外靠朋友” (One depends on one’s parents when at home, and on one’s friends when away from home) when I was stressed out on how to collect one of my huge suitcases that she was bringing over to Kuala Lumpur for me…