upcycled wine glass markers (3)

keep track of my wine glass

It has been a long while since I worked on any upcycling crafts.  I eventually got round to it two weeks ago and got my hands on a very simple project with minimal materials. Here it is — no fuss upcycled wine glass markers! Materials: plastic bottle rings, satin bias tapes of various colours, elastic…

sunrise (new day, new hope!)

seeing beauty everywhere

How we begin or end every day is very much depending on our choices and attitude. We have the choice to give every day the chance to be beautiful and if we care to look, there are magic moments and beauty in every ordinary day. The world might be in a chaos right now and…

passion flower

dare to be different

random snapshot 21/2016 On being unique — The funny: I tried to be normal once.  The worst two minutes of my life! The lighthearted: Not everyone has to like you.  Not everyone has taste. The philosophical: I’m a limited edition! The wise: It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone.…

tonkin jasmine (2)

fragrance that inspires

random snapshot 20/2016 This is tonkin jasmine/cowslip creeper/telosma cordata/夜来香. These small flowers in clusters on vines are unassuming in appearance but they emit a strong yet amazingly delightful and truly exquisite fragrance, and I absolutely love them! Looking at these little fragrant yellow blooms, I am led to ponder on ourselves the Christians with reference…

love the trees framing the giant rock!

a boat ride to see a huge rock – Batu Punggul

After we concluded our short medical mission trip to Tataluan in the interior of Sabah and before we bid farewell to the villagers and headed home (the photo blog of our amazing journey is here), we spared some time to take a boat ride to see a natural wonder in the area, the Batu Punggul pinnacle.…

7-19 heart


random snapshot 19/2016 A lot of the times the heart of the matter is the matter of the heart.  Have you dealt with your heart?