a room with a view

Before I owned my present little nest I used to talk about how much I would love to have a landed property because with that I would get to have a garden.  But when the opportunity came a few years ago for me to own my first home, I had to think long and hard about it and after taking into consideration of many factors, I eventually settled for a unit in a condominium instead.

Although I do have a small balcony that could be turned into a small patch of green paradise if only I would get started on it, it is never the same as having a real garden where I can plant trees and flowers on the ground, walk on grass and enjoy the fresh air especially in the mornings. However, God is gracious and to compensate for my failure to own a garden I am blessed with a unit many floors up with floor-length windows in the living room and one in the master bedroom that presents me with a wonderful view of green hills and with the highest peak in Malaysia, Mt. Kinabalu in a distance.

The following scenes greeted me 2 days ago — I was first in awe of the glorious colours and later amazed at how fast the scene changed before my eyes…

the view right in front of my window…

morning sky 623am


morning sky 624am


morning sky 652am

6:52am – when the orange hue had disappeared…

A little bit off to the left with Mt. Kinabalu in a distance…

mt kinabalu in morning 625am


mt kinabalu in morning 627am


mt kinabalu in morning 652am

6:52am – a complete change of colours…

Nature never ceases to amaze me!

Psalm 19:1
The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

a room with a view

truly a room with a view!

your thoughts?

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