I love elephants and that is a fact.  I love them because when not provoked, they are lovely gentle creatures, unique in their appearance, loyal and they remember! 🙂

I started collecting elephant ornaments since many years ago and before long, I had to stop as instead, friends started getting them for me when they travel.  Apart from elephant ornaments, they bought coasters, shawls, handkerchieves, toiletry bags and t-shirts just to name a few all with elephants on them.

This year I started a little photography project (disclaimer: a VERY novice photographer here!) featuring a tiny elephant ornament from Thailand someone gave me about 10 years ago.  The inspiration came after I stumbled upon professional photographer Andrew Whyte’s Legography (www.longexposures.co.uk/legography) featuring a tiny Lego photography going places.

Introducing —
1 bathing in the evening sun

The journey begins….

2 venturing into the forest

venturing into the forest

3 it's a jungle out here

it’s a jungle out here!


road block


not happy about this!

8 caught in the drizzle

caught in the drizzle

5 stop and smell the flower

time for a breather — stop and smell the flower.

And the journey continues…

your thoughts?

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