time waits for no one…

I am blessed with a stunning view from both the living room and master bedroom floor-length windows of my condo.  The dramatic sky, interesting cloud formations and vibrant colours during some mornings with Mt. Kinabalu in the foreground can be really awesome.  Even during rainy days, the dreamy setting with mist-surrounded and rain-washed green hills in front of me can be just as enthralling.

Apart from reminding me that this awe-inspiring view in front of me is one of God’s magnificent creations, every time when I lift my eyes up and look at Mt. Kinabalu with its distinctive features standing majestically in a distance, I am also reminded and comforted by the thought that the Lord is my ever-present help (Psalm 121:1-2 I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lordthe Maker of heaven and earth.).

Three days ago I woke up to another absolutely amazing view.  Seeing how the colours changed within a matter of minutes, I realised that had I been overcome by my reluctance to get out of my nice and comfortable bed early I would have missed the whole scene.

morningscape 14.03.2017 611am

I woke up to this at 6:11 am

morningscape 14.03.2017 618am

When I looked out of the window again at 6:18 am, the scene had completely changed!

morningscape 14.03.2017 620am

2 minutes later at 6:20 am, the orange hues were gradually disappearing with the sun rising high to reveal the blue sky

As the proverb goes, time and tide wait for no one!  The view from my window demonstrates just that.

What have you accomplished today?

your thoughts?

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