a portrait of life

It is said that life is a journey and I totally agree with it.

Life is a journey packed with ups and downs, and highs and lows. Along the way there are smooth pathways where we get to enjoy the scenery at a relaxing pace or sometimes there are high speed motorways where we just breeze through with the wind in our hair. There are also some rather rough terrains which we must negotiate and where we might just lose our foothold, trip, slip and even fall flat on our faces while trying to fight our way through to get to our destination up ahead in a distance.

Here is what our journey looks like…


there are road blocks along the way


sometimes the road ahead looks just like an obstacle course


we get stuck in mud


we struggle to wade through high water


we lose our way and find ourselves stranded in the middle of nowhere


challenges along the way might come in the form of tough confrontations that deflate and discourage us


physical injuries or illnesses sometimes are unavoidable and they can be crippling and cause us to feel defeated


when we are making a head start or just getting ourselves on the right track we find ourselves being tempted…


there are times we simply feel like we are hanging from the ledge and about to lose control and fall…

Though it might not a be a smooth journey all the way, let us count our blessings often and never lose our infinite hope. Even when we fall, may we find strength and courage to pick ourselves up and fight on, and stand firm through it all. We might be battered and scarred but we can, and will emerge as victors!


look back — thank God, look forward — trust God!


we rejoice because we are not bound nor confined but have been set free!


we are provided with refuge and have been sheltered from some of the enormous storms of our lives


we get to breathe fresh air, and every day is a new day!


we can feel the warmth of the sun on our faces and need not walk in the shadows of fear


we need to keep our goals and dreams alive, and know that we are more than overcomers for we can conquer new mountains and reach new heights!


Thank you for stopping by and I hope my little friend has encouraged you. When I first started out to take pictures of my less than 1-inch tall tiny elephant, my goal was just to play with my camera and to improve a little on my very amateurish photo-taking skills. While I was on all fours, on my stomach or my side, or crouching and crawling into tight spaces in my parents’ small garden to get a good setting and to see things from the elephant’s perspective, I never set out with any stories in minds. But yesterday when I pulled out the whole, and actually rather small collection of Elephantgraphy, this story slowly took shape in my mind… I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog as much as I have enjoyed doing it.

God bless you all, my comrades in arms on the journey of life!

your thoughts?

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