a different skyline

Petaling Jaya, Damansara

So here I am… looking out from my new accommodation on the 21st floor and I am greeted by a totally different skyline from what I am used to.

After a 2.5-hour flight yesterday, I got into a new city to begin a new part of my life journey. I am making some great changes this year, primarily with being uprooted and starting a new job.

“The more I know, the more I know I don’t know,” said a good friend ruefully on how the Almighty has turned things around unexpectedly and made ways for me. Though I have no doubt deep down she is happy and proud to see that I am brave enough to leave my comfort zone at this stage of my life, take up the new challenge and embrace the change.

Change is good I said. Though it might involve making certain inevitable sacrifices and great adjustments in our daily life but change is what makes a mundane life that much more interesting and gives us fresh prospective on many things that we take for granted for. It also provides us with opportunities to discover our hidden talents and/or potential that we do not even know we possess or to bring our existing potential to a new height.

Looking at the skyline of the city before me, it has started to grow on me and I know I am going to enjoy this new season!

5 thoughts on “a different skyline

  1. Congrats to you! And kudos for your courage in venturing into the unknown. I do think as we get older, it’s tempting to stay in a rut. But learning keeps us fresh, right?!


  2. Do visit all great places there, the nature in Pahang or somewhere during your off days and write about your experiences ya! Cheers!


  3. Hi Evon..wishing you great time there and do have great moments in your new job..planning to visit you later this year, if we are there and let’s kupi-kupi. Joe and Lan.


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