At the end of tomorrow I will be celebrating making the two-month mark in my new job.

This second month seems to have breezed through as I adjusted and settled in nicely in my new environment in a new city. I have not been blogging since I started work so I thought a short update on my new life will be a good start.

Changes brought forth new learning opportunities…

I have learnt that people embrace change in different ways and speed, and I needed to learn to simply slow down to allow them time to get adjusted.

I have learnt to appreciate what I have instead of focussing on the limitations. Staying in a hotel suite makes it impossible for me to express my culinary skills but it provides me with ample opportunities to go for gastronomic exposure in the city that is known for its huge variety of amazingly good food. Besides, I have the luxury to enjoy all of my spare time doing anything but housework except for a minimal amount of ironing, and I always have a comfortable and made bed to return to every night.

I have learnt that when it comes to the matter of the heart, it takes time and a lot of prayers to find a church to belong to. And I am glad to say that after a few rounds of visiting and in just over a month’s time, I have found it.

I have learnt that it is really very ok to live on a limited wardrobe!

I have learnt that it is a rather refreshing experience to only buy the essentials and I have mastered the art of storing food in a tiny fridge, or mini bar as they call it in my hotel suite.

air plant, oxygen plant, change, thriving

I brought a little air plant on my friends’ suggestion instead of asking them to take care for me, it is a reminder from home they said. It is growing way healthier now than it was in my home back in KK.

I am drawing inspiration from the air plant — it is thriving in a new environment, and so am I. I am making new friends and catching up with old ones, adjusting to the new lifestyle and enjoying the changes. I am doing all right.

your thoughts?

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