Christmas in my heart

christmas in my heart

I have been feeling slightly unsettled since November this year, mainly because of the last minute postponement until further notice of my supposed month-long business trip overseas due to some technical issues. After which, it took me days to settle in at work and get back to the daily grinds again. In addition to that, there are always a lot of happenings at work during this time of year with events and functions, and with a few technical challenges at the hotel thrown in we are inevitably made to feel like we are walking on tightropes.

On my creative front, although I have been posting quite a number of upcycled Christmas ornaments and decorations on my Instagram account over the weeks, they are actually from projects of past years. This year I did not attempt on any artsy craftsy pieces for Christmas at all due to my carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) on both hands that does not show signs of bidding me farewell any time soon.

With all the goings-on and after days of unending struggles of “yes, no, yes, no…”, I made the difficult and final decision to forego my Christmas decoration plans for my home this year. For the first time since I moved in to my present nest, I am NOT going to put up any Christmas decorations save for a wreath at my front door! My CTS will also make heavy cooking a challenge so I will also scrap any entertaining and the usual dinner parties.

Without the Christmas decorations in the house or the rowdy but joyful dinner parties, am I going to feel less of the Christmassy atmosphere? It is true that I did feel a little weird in the beginning but once I have gotten used to the idea, I realised that although the beautiful Christmas decorations appeal to all visually and no doubt enhance the festive mood, I do not have to be surrounded by a 7-foot tree and miles of garlands that take forever to decorate or other festive decorations strewn all over my home for me to feel the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Saviour and He is the reason for the season! Jesus came to this world to give up His life in order to save us so that you and I can live, and live abundantly! Even with my home devoid of Christmas decorations and the streams of gift-bearing dinner guests this year, I feel the presence of Jesus more than during any of the Christmases past, for I have the real Christmas in my heart!

Blessed Christmas to all!

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